Embed these widgets on your own web page to allow visitors to discover and search Trove content relevant to you.

To create a widget: choose a widget type, configure it, click 'Apply' for a preview, then copy and paste the content of the code box into your web page.


Trove widgets are available in the following types.

A single newspaper

To create this widget, select 'Any state', choose your newspaper and click 'Apply'.

Multiple newspapers

To show two or more newspapers, select 'Any state' then choose your newspapers.

An optional 'credit line' can be added by your organisation.

State summary

To create a state-based summary, select your state and click 'Apply'.

Visitors will be able to search all newspapers for your chosen state.

State navigator

To show a filterable list of all newspapers for a state, select 'Newspaper navigator', then choose your state and click 'Apply'.

Visitors can search for a newspaper and narrow their search to particular dates.

Customised appearance

Change the colours and heading text of your widget by entering your own colour codes or by using the color pickers.